FINAL WAR “The collection”


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FINAL WAR “The collection”.

Double CD anthologique du groupe.

27 titres (CD 1): Shitout, Pride and tradition, Land of the White, Saturday night, A tale of honour, Hail the new dawn, The Nationalist, Race land, Stand against, A vision in my mind, T.R.T.R.V., Defenders, Glory unending, Pulled over, Aryan pride, Blend my bones with dust, That day, To each his own, Pushing forth, Shitout (demo), Land of the White (demo), Saturday night (demo), The honour is our strenght (demo), Race land (demo), Stand against (demo), A tale of honour (demo), Living for the day (demo).
28 titres (CD 2): A day in the life of…, Senseless violence, Repatriation, The Patriots, We speak the truth, Pearl harbor, Don’t want your excuses, Victory or death, Settle the score, War machine, Final attack, Never alone, Living for the day, Do what you want, OC Skin, Brotherhood, Trying times, Antisocial, A new day arises, Pride and tradition (live), Saturday night (live), Glory unending (live), Shitout (live), The honour is our strenght (live), Stand against (live), A tale of honour (live), Avision in my mind (live), Pulled over (live).
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