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Al Mayādīn Digipak VOLKOLAK “MMII – MMIV”.

Réédition de “The feat of the grey king” et “Hail to the God of the Sun”.

10 titres (CD 1 : “Подвил седого кородя”) : Silver horn, Violent fight, Eternal fire, Feast under the mountain, The ravens and the ennemies, The feat of the grey king, Odin’s wolves, Minstrel’s death, Volkolaks death, Witches valley.
10 titres (CD 2 : “Слава Яриле” ) : To the God of fire, To the Russia, A yew grove, To the people from east Russia, The brave Viking, Wolf’s farewell, Vavila – Good fellow, Hail to the God of the Sun, At valiant prince, Veles and the warrior, The Witch – Ice Hike (bonus).

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